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Admission Transfer Discharge

The Admission Transfer and Discharge module ensures that patient management processes are tightly integrated when patients move from one setting to another.


It handles the creation of beds and bed allocation to patients and supports additional services. These include admitting a baby to the mother’s bed and linking mother and baby inpatient numbers. The system has extensive bed management capabilities including maintenance of different wards, bed types, bed classes. This module also has the ability to reserve beds for patient escort.


There is a provision to reserve more than one bed while transferring the patients, this situation typically arises during the movement of the patient from ICU to the Ward and back.


A comprehensive discharge management process includes discharge care plan with required nursing interventions, a nursing discharge checklist, patient discharge checklist that captures the complete discharge information including details for wounds, dressings, tubes and special equipment sent home with patients, along with patient teaching requirements.

The system allows discharge instructions to be generated with a link to the pharmacy system for any medication. The system also facilitates the scheduling of follow up appointments at the time of discharge.

The discharge process starts from pre-discharge where alerts are generated, notifying the care providers to plan the necessary discharge process. The system captures the essential details such as the discharge diagnosis, doctor responsible for discharge, date and time of discharge, condition of patient and reason for discharge (Normal, Discharge against Medical Advice, Absconded, and Expired) which are pre-coded.

  • Extensive bed management capabilities including maintenance of different wards, bed types, and bed classes.
  • Transfer patients from one bed or ward to another and track patient movements during their stay.
  • Comprehensive discharge management process that includes discharge care plan and mandatory nursing interventions, nursing discharge checklist and patient discharge checklist.
  • Capture all discharge information including details of wounds, dressing, tubes and special equipment carried by the patient.
  • Streamlined workflows and alerts for care providers to plan discharge processes.
  • Schedule follow-up appointments and provide medications with instructions at the time of discharge.