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Appointment Scheduling

Check availability, schedule, track appointments and view the entire physician schedule using the Patient Appointment feature.

This module is linked with the patient registration system and assists reception in tracing doctor availability and scheduling patient appointments. In addition, use the module calendar to track patient appointments and locate available slots.

The Patient Appointment module supports a “waiting list” for effective slot management. If a patient doesn’t show up after being allocated a slot, a patient in the waiting list can be allocated to that slot. The system easily shuffles the patients and constantly displays information on the slot status. Also, the waiting list patient is eligible for a slot if an appointment ends before the expected time. This Patient Appointment module also integrates with a Queue Management System and the Doctors’ Desktop. It has the facility to define appointment types such as New, Follow-ups or non-patient appointments.

  • Manage effective slot management using the waiting list feature.
  • Cancel, reschedule booked appointments.
  • Handle emergency requests and assign slots.
  • Streamline patient’s consulting process.
  • Define appointment type and duration.
  • Remind patients about their appointments through email or text message.
  • Allow patients to book appointments online through your hospital portal or mobile app.
  • Additional SMS Functionality can be integrated for patient reminders.