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Blood Bank

The blood bank module encompasses two modules within one integrated package, a Transfusion Services Management Module, and a Donation Management System. These cover all stages from donation acquisition, through patient testing and product processing, to cross match and actual issue, including transfusion reaction follow-up and inventory handling. To maximise blood safety, all actions are documented, and an audit trail of users’ activity is kept, with an emphasis on user error prevention and detection.

Donation Management System

The Donation Management System controls various activities such as donor registration, physical examination, and merging and separation of blood components. Using the Blood Bank feature in the MIMSYS system, you can test analytes with accuracy and precision by following your hospital’s set of laboratory instructions provided in the master setup.

Transfusion Services management

Transfusion Services Management component provides a comprehensive solution for the blood bank’s extremely sensitive and highly-regulated transfusion services environment. Supports label generation and barcode-based work throughout the system, including labeling verification and code typing check algorithms. It supports regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, while fully complying with standards such as HL7 and international ISBT128.

  • Blood request linked to patient.
  • Record blood transfusion information including patient, vital signs and nurse details.
  • Screen the blood with a set of Lab test Analysis from master setup. Blood Request linked to IP and OP Patients and Blood Issue will happen on request.
  • Queries available, include stock, date, patient and components wise.