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Inventory Management

This module manages the hospital inventory of medical supplies, surgical supplies, lab and radiology items stocked by the hospital stores. The inventory module is integrated with all financial modules. These include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger as well as relevant modules such as Nursing station, Medical Department, OR and Pharmacy. MIMSYS Inventory has a well-defined workflow for inventory procurement and material issue. Multiple stores can be defined and there is a facility to attach sub-stores to nursing stations, OR and departments.

  • Define and manage multiple stores, and link them to nursing stations, theatres and ancillary departments.
  • Track inventory items from stock rooms to theatres to disposal rooms.
  • Improve inventory management, prevent stock-outs, supply issues and inventory fluctuations.
  • Capture usage and charge rates for supplies and equipment.
  • Streamline ordering and billing processes.
  • Support multiple stores, price lists and vendor item setup.
  • Track the shelf life of your inventory based on its expiry date and maintain your inventory stock batch.
  • Tracks the movements of individual items in the hospital. Store document numbering can be generated for all transactions.
  • Supports multiple segments. Map to UN Medical Inventory codes.
  • Cost of goods sold is tracked for every issue.
  • Supports multiple stores, multiple price lists and vendor item setup.
  • Combination of one-to-many material requisitions to one-to-many Purchase Orders.
  • Supports store item setup and stock. Mapping of relationship between Pharmacy item and Inventory items.
  • Analysis utility.