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Laboratory Information System

MIMSYS Laboratory Information System (LIS) offers a wide range of comprehensive modules with clearly defined Clinical pathways and multi-specialty EMR. Resulting in best business practice in health care.

The laboratory module is tightly integrated with the other modules of MIMSYS. It can receive requests for tests from the modules like Provider Desktop manager, Nursing Station and Operation Room.

Specimens are processed according to customisable work lists, based on user-defined parameters and display preferences. Specimens can be automatically labelled, assigned tests, split, sent to relevant stations and workbenches, and reused to maximise productivity.

  • Designed to address the needs of Pathology, Microbiology, Cytology and Histopathology laboratories.
  • It adheres to the College of American Pathologists Check list for Laboratory Practices to achieve CAP compliance.
  • Follows 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.
  • Built to enhance laboratory work flow to achieve turnaround time for reporting.
  • Interfaces with Clinical Lab Equipment bi-directionally.
  • Includes Laboratory ERP, Specimen Collection, Result Validation, Vendor Lab Manager, Audit and Billing & Contract Management.

The LIS manages Patient information, Insurance, Billing, order entry, specimen collection, specimen acceptance and specimen processing, result entry and result authorisation. It supports multiple centre options, such as Referral Labs, Collection Centres and on-line web portal and service centres. Processing is simplified by interactive alerts and notifications guiding the user and speeded-up result entry methods such as barcode readers


The module interfaces with hundreds of automatic analysers and can automatically send and receive the Test details, Patient Information and results. The Test Results can be manually entered and authorised manually or automatically using rule-based logic. User-friendly result entry enhanced by powerful cross-referencing of delta checks and patient history.

Results delivered to user-defined media and can be customised, tracked and controlled by sophisticated user-defined distribution policies. The Laboratory modules integrate seamlessly, with quality control tests performed from work stations, providing pathologist access relevant patient data.

The module provides an on-line sample tracking system with quick response time. It is configurable with user capability for searches/reviews of orders and results.

MIMSYS also has extensive experience integrating equipment from Siemens, General Electric, Abbott, Philips, Agfa including Laboratory, Point of care, Radiology PACS and more.

  • Security is role based which is required for HIPAA compliance.
  • Provides quantifiable improvements in workflow efficiency and cost-per test reductions in a wide variety of clinical laboratory environments.
  • Provides a powerful rules-based system for implement patient results to the physicians in exactly the manner requested by the physician.
  • Provides a complete audit track for each stage of sample.
  • Configurable insurance coverage.
  • Configurable Lab procedures.
  • User defined lab test rules.
  • User defined billing procedures.
  • Automatic Test schedule/Report date calculation.
  • Bi-directional interface to lab equipment.
  • HL7 Support.
  • Improves efficiency while reducing errors ensuring accurate results.
  • Configurable workflow to suit a facilities environment.
  • Eliminates tedious manual entry.
  • Data Integrity and security.