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Mobile Applications

MIMSYS enterprise mobile applications change the way patients think about healthcare and creates channels of communication, enabling healthcare professionals to provide improved patient services.

  • iSmart Hospital– Provides management complete operational visibility across the entire hospital facility (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO)
  • iSmart Provider – Access to patient electronic medical administration records (eMAR), in-patient and outpatient admissions, care plan, prescribed medications, alerts, notifications, encounters, utilisation and revenue metrics, critical lab, radiology and test results
  • iSmart Nurse – Access to appointments, admissions, eMAR, initial assessments, orders, approvals, care plan, prescribed medications, alerts and notifications, critical lab, radiology and test results
  • iSmart Patient – Mobile check-in, post care assessment, pre and post appointment scheduling and confirmation, personalised education and procedural notifications
  • MyDoctor Time – Patient Portal for Patient Appointments