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Nursing Protocols (Integrated Care Plan)

The MIMSYS Integrated Care Plan feature provides a graphically rich interface for nurses to track the care plan defined by physicians and helps them achieve the overall patient care goals.

Nursing care plans give nurses a way to track patients’ progress and provide appropriate treatment. Nurses rely on care plans for quick access to patient’s history, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

The nursing care plan is an essential part of patient care. It consolidates a patient’s present diagnosis, physical assessment, treatment, history, and medical records into a clear plan of action. It also automates the workflow for the patient care planning process and helps reduce the time required to create and document patient care interventions. The Care Plan offers a holistic approach to patient care and continues to evolve until the patient is discharged.

The care-providers based on the admitting orders, doctors’ diagnosis and goals set by the doctors for problems and conditions can configure expected outcomes within targeted time intervals and record interventions, define expected outcomes with actual outcomes statuses. The care-providers can use clinical guidelines along with initial assessment forms and clinical management principals as a part of clinical pathways.

Graphical Interactive Interface lists all the patients assigned to the care-provider, providing them with colour-coded icon driven statuses, reminders and alerts for clinical processes from admission orders to discharge. Care-providers can view admitting orders from doctors, initial assessments such as age and specific problems, integrated care plan configured, allergies and risks, record outcome for goals, record and analyse scheduled vitals, impart patient education, record pre-configured and dynamic care-provider assessment forms. They also can view notifications from doctors, perform EMAR process for medication, view diagnostic results and status, send notification to doctors, request for referrals, in case of surgeries record required pre-operative, inter- and post-operative notes. They can manage the discharge process from a single user-friendly screen.

  • Ability to automate work flows to reduce time required to document patient care interventions.
  • Use clinical guidelines and clinical management protocols as part of your clinical pathways.
  • Use colour coded icon driven statuses, reminders, and alerts for all your clinical processes from admission orders to discharge.
  • User-friendly graphical interface allows nurses to send and receive notifications from physicians, perform electronic Medication Administration Records processes for medication and view diagnostic results and statuses.
  • The Early Warning System (EWS) tool helps you implement rapid response teams by empowering nurses to flag any life-threatening situations quickly and efficiently. Parameters for MEWS, MOEWS, PEWS and NEWS can be configured.