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Operations Room Management

The theatre feature of the MIMSYS solution allows you to define pre-operative and post-operative processes.

The Operation Room (OR) module has functionalities like OR booking, scheduling for the surgeons, assistant surgeons and anaesthetist, surgery recording, interfacing the OT Equipment, ordering lab, radiology tests and consumables required for the surgery. Surgeons and anaesthetists can define their own templates for capturing the pre-operative and post-operative notes.

Operation Room seamlessly integrates with other modules such as Patient Accounts, Doctors, Nurses, Inpatients, Outpatients, Medical record and Stock.

Operations can be scheduled for a patient based on the availability of operating rooms. Schedule information includes surgeon, operation selection from available CPT4, ICD 10-AM surgical procedures and any instructions that the surgeon wishes to reach the operating theatre.

It allows for queries to list operations for today, previously done, current day and those scheduled for future. Pre-operative checklists can be set up and used for operations. It also offers set up of surgeon-specific pre-operative, inter-operative, and postoperative notes.

  • Define the types of operations into three different types: Major, Moderate and Minor.
  • Ability to schedule operations based on the availability of the operation rooms.
  • Search functionality to help you look at operations scheduled in a given timeframe.
  • Include additional information for scheduled operations such as surgeon details, operation selection from available CPT4, ICD 10- AM surgical procedures.
  • Set up pre-operative, inter-operative and post-operative notes and checklists for operations.