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System Manager

System Manager allows you to utilise industry standard codes, set up billing codes, generate reports and much more. The flexibility of the system allows you to capture any details specific to your processes and customise workflows and processes and automatically generate unique hospital identification numbers with controls.

The Sage Solution for Healthcare System Manager allows predefined parametres for billing codes, master setup, medical business setup, patient master index, and reports. The System Manager provides maintenance and usage of codes wherever possible and the system supports configuration for International Standard Codes.

The patient master index has sub-modules for patient registration and current visit/encounters. The Registration system can capture a comprehensive set of demographic and personal details for each patient. The hospital can nominate mandatory fields and optional fields within the user interface. Demographics stored for all patients are available throughout the system to authorised users, ensuring single entry and multiple usages of the same records.

Automatic generation of Unique Hospital Identification Numbers with controls, prevent the same number from being allocated to more than one patient. Maintenance of integrity of the patient Medical Record Numbers through validation logic at the time of creation with a facility for checking new patient data against existing patient data for similar names, Date of birth and other pertinent data minimise the possibility of duplication of patient records.

  • Validate new patient records to eliminate duplication.
  • Establish a Patient Master Index (PMI) for patient registration, admission, visit or encounter.
  • Capture detailed information on patient visits such as the type of visit, department visited, physician and payer details.
  • OP visits and encounters are created for every visit of the patient for OP consultation. The visit type, the department being visited, the physician and the payer’s details are captured.